But it is worth so much… I can’t just give it away!

I have heard these words over and over, “But this piece is worth a lot of money!  I can’t just give it away!” 

It is a phrase that is so hard to respond to, but I hear it so often that I have had to find a way.  And the only way I can is with compassion. 

I understand. 

It did cost a lot. 

It might have involved saving up to buy that piece.

It might have involved going without in another area of your life to purchase it.

It might have been the first item you were able to buy without using a credit card.

It might have been something your parents saved & scraped for & then it was passed on to you.

All of those memories and all of those feelings are wrapped up in your decision to let go of the piece.  It’s hard!

I understand and then I offer a small shift of perspective. 

What is it costing you now?  Does it take up space that you’d like to use in an other way?  Do you walk past it each day and get an uneasy feeling because of how that item makes you feel?  What value is it bringing to your life if it never gets used?

The other question that you may not have asked yourself is “could this item be of better service to someone else?”  Often when you donate or sell your items they will be used by someone that has been searching for that exact thing.  Something that is just lying around in your house could be put to good use if you let it go. 

It’s not easy.  It takes courage to detach from what the item “cost” & think about the item’s value in a different way, but you can do it & once you do, the relief will be worth it. 

Surround yourself with things that you use, love, & that make sense with how you live your life. Then, each item you own will be valuable- no matter what they cost.

Your Turn…

Remember that things are not memories.  When you let go of the physical item you don’t have to lose the memory.  If you are concerned that you might, take a picture of the item or write a little note about the item & what it meant to you.  The story behind the item is where it’s true value lies.

Next Steps…

Offering yourself permission to let go can be hard when your brain wants to keep reminding you of the “perceived value” of an item.  You don’t have to do it alone.  Talk over your hard decisions with a friend or be in touch & let me know what is holding you back.  Getting someone else’s input can decrease the pressure and make letting go easier.