Why the dragonfly?

Why the dragonfly?

A few years ago, actually quite a few years now, I took a trip to Guatemala.  It was a life-changing experience.  It was a time of adventure & renewal.  A time to learn & expand.

And while I was there a dragonfly perched on my shoulder for quite a while without my knowledge.  I was told, “you have been blessed by the dragonfly.”

When I returned home, I felt changed by all that I had experienced on my trip and began a journey to embrace my strengths, seek clarity, and try new things.  I started noticing dragonflies in my path more often, and almost always when I was in out in nature, taking time for reflection.

I now use the dragonfly as a symbol of change, self-realization, making the most of my time, poise, & strength.

I didn’t go looking for a symbol to represent myself, but it seems the dragonfly found me.

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