What is the one phrase I continue to tell clients?

I want to repeat the phrase that I continue to say over & over! 

Decluttering is a journey!

I continue to share this message because there are going to be times of frustration, times when you can’t see an end in sight, & times when it feels like you are slipping back into your old ways. 

But when you remember it is a journey, you will be more likely to stay on the path & keep pushing ahead.  Letting the journey unfold as slow or as fast as it needs to.

I was reminded of this as I returned to help a client declutter the same porch that we decluttered last spring.  It happens.  It’s common.  It’s life. 

Here is the space when we finished up- isn’t it dreamy & ready for spring! 

I pass this along to remind you that your spaces are waiting for their time & attention. They are patiently willing to serve you in the function that you need. 

If this porch needed to be a catch-all for the winter while other house projects were happening, then it did it’s job & now it is ready to shine for the spring & summer- happy to be a part of the journey.

Your Turn..

Have you created a catch-all space that can support you on the decluttering journey?  A catch-all space eases the urgency of needing to know where things should be housed before the spaces are ready.  It also offers a place to let things be in progress or a place to store your “find a new home” items until you are able to give them attention.

Next Steps…

Give yourself permission to make a space in your home that will be a little messy or cluttered as you go on this decluttering journey.  Know that this is temporary & eventually this space will be able to serve it’s higher function.

And if you are wondering what a “find a new home” box is, then shoot me an email.  Having this box makes the process more efficient & light.