What does INTENTION have to do with it?

When I first started this business, I used the word INTENTION a lot!

It was the  first question that I asked a client to consider – “What is your intention for this space?”

This was the guidepost to start our process.

And I believed in the value of this question, but somewhere along the way I started to shift my question.  Consciously or unconsciously I moved to a word that might be easier to grasp – goal.

We hear about goals all the time.  Goal weight.  Marketing goal.  Lifelong goal.  We can be a very goal-oriented society.

And don’t get me wrong, I know that goals are great- the best goals are measurable, action-oriented, achievable, manageable- all good things.  Goals offer us a way to note progress and keep us moving ahead, but I know that in this work we have to think about more than checking things off, finishing a project, or taking a great “after” picture.

I also understand that we can’t set achievable goals until we get in touch with the reasons behind them.  And that is why we need intention.  Because when I ask that question- what is your intention?  I really mean how do you want the space to feel?  And more importantly how do YOU want to feel in the space?

Intention brings the deep desires we hold for our lives.  It might not seem quantifiable or identifiable to people from the outside, but it is important.

It is the reason to begin.  It is the feeling you are hoping to achieve by doing the work.  It is the motivator and the driver when it feels hard to make tough choices or shift old patterns.

This summer our family has been spending hours on the backyard deck that we finished last fall.

When we started the project we spent time thinking about how we wanted to feel in the space.  We imagined the peace and rejuvenation that comes from sitting by a campfire or on a deck overlooking a lake.  We wanted a space that could allow time to slow down.

We took that desire into the design &  creation phase & now that intention is realized when we step out of our back door.  The space asks us to de-stress, connect, linger, and enjoy the outdoors.  And I’m so grateful we took the time to get clear on our intention.

So, be prepared to hear this question, “what is your intention for the space?”  It might feel foreign to you.  It might even take a little time for you to answer, but I know that when we get in touch with the desires underneath the surface, then we are ready for powerful changes that last. 

And that is what I am all about!

Let’s create changes that bring light and ease & free you up to spend energy and time on the things that matter most to you!

Ready to set your intention and get your project moving ahead?  Contact me today.