TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Create Space in Your Day for Gratitude

There is a whole slew of research that reminds us that spending time in gratitude each day has lasting benefits.  One study, sited In The Sweet Spot: How to Find Your Groove at Home & Work  by Dr. Christine Carter, notes that “people who jotted down something they were grateful for online for two weeks showed higher stress resilience & greater satisfaction with life and reported fewer headaches, less congestion, and a reduction in stomach pains, coughs, and sore throats.”  Wow!  That’s something it seems we could all use as we head into these dark, cold months.

Creating a little space for this habit each day is worth the effort it will take to get it started!  And one way to make it easy is to link gratitude to a routine that is already in place.  Spend a minute thinking of something you are grateful for WHILE you brush your teeth, wash the dishes, or walk the dog.  If you need a reminder until the habit becomes automatic, then post a sticky note on the mirror, on the dishsoap, or by the dog leash & then feel the benefits as your gratitude habit takes hold!