TiP for Your TUESDAY!

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Want to form a new habit?  Try the Strategy of Pairing!

Creating new habits takes time, energy & persistence, so try using what G. Rubin, author of Better Than Before, calls the “Strategy of Pairing” to make the process easier.  Here are some ways that you can implement this strategy  –  Pair exercise with listening to your favorite podcast.   Pair folding laundry with watching a TV show that you only indulge in during this time.   Pair walking and carrying which means  carry items with you as you walk from one room to the next, moving them closer to their rightful destination.  Pair a 2-minute-tidy-up with a song that makes you happy!

You probably already use the pairing strategy but don’t even think about it, so give yourself a pat on the back & then look for more ways to create pairs & get more done with less effort & time!