The Problem with Hanging On Too Long

It feels like we have been in a pattern of extreme weather in our area & in my house every storm causes a small sense of panic as we all cross our fingers and hope it passes quickly.   You see we have struggled to keep our basement dry when heavy rain hits.  And the possibility of dealing with a wet basement has been a big reminder that there is no time like the present to make sure we aren’t storing extra stuff.  

Here’s a recap of a storm that really put things in perspective for us. 

The rain was  coming down in sheets, as it had been all afternoon.  And since our house is surrounded by large trees, we need to be mindful of our gutters filling up from tree debris- buds, leaves, helicopters- all that stuff!

Well, life had been a little too full to find time to clean out the gutters.  So…  heavy rain + a full gutter = water in our laundry/storage room.  We discovered the puddle/stream before it had too much time to do any major damage, but it still made a mess because our laundry/storage room is the space where items wait to be moved on or dealt with.  That evening when the rain started seeping up from the floor, a mattress & bed-frame that were waiting to be passed on to someone else (either donated or sold) got soaked!  Ugh!!!  

It was so frustrating and sad.  But it was a reminder that when we allow things to sit and wait, they aren’t able to do their jobs.  They are often forgotten & neglected and that’s when things can start to happen.  Mold can grow.  Papers can deteriorate.  Dust can settle.  Water can stain.

Our perfectly good items ended up at The Recycling Center instead of getting put to use in someone else’s home.  I know it could have been worse, but it still created a mess.  And I have found that when you are storing lots of extra clutter in your space, then a little mess can quickly turn into a big one. 

Paying attention to the things that you store will ensure that they won’t deteriorate or collect dust or mold.

Your Turn…

Do you have items waiting in your storage room, garage or closet that need to get out of your house?  Don’t wait!  Find a way to pass them on.

  • Check out my list of local donation resources HERE
  • Borrow your neighbor’s truck or trailer and drive them to the nearest donation center
  • Put them on the curb (on a sunny day) with a FREE sign
  • Take a picture and put them on FB or Craigslist for someone else to discover
  • Circulate a flyer or send an email to friends/co-workers listing your items

Next steps…

Still unsure of how to start?  Contact me today and together we can find homes for the items you no longer want, use, or need.