How Trees Can Inspire Change

Autumn is my favorite season aIMG_8114nd one reason is the trees.  I am in love with fall trees & especially fall leaves- their vibrant colors & unique patterns are sources of endless inspiration.  And watching their transition offers all sorts of metaphors for life & letting go.

As the lush green leaves become vibrant red, yellow, & gold and slowly fall to the ground, it feels like we have a front row seat to nature’s own decluttering party.

This past week I kept noticing trees that looked like they were stuck in in-decision about making the change.  Split right down the middle- one half green and one half red.  

I thought about change & how hard it can be to go from the thinking stage to the doing stage.  So many of us are longing for a change, wishing for a change, but stuck in the questions, doubts & inactivity.  One half ready & the other putting it off, waiting for tomorrow or distracting ourselves with other things.

Change does that to us.  It brings up all sorts of “what ifs.”  As soon as you entertain the idea of letting go of that extra dresser in the storage room, reasons why you need to hang on to it come barging in & there you are – stuck in indecision.  The idea of forward progress stalled.

But change doesn’t have to be such a scary thing.  Letting go is part of growing & change is inevitable as we move through life.  Rick Godwin says, “One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up instead of what they have to gain.”  Think about what you hope to gain from moving forward & let it propel you past the doubts & fears.

And then remember that decluttering is a journey so change can move at whatever speed feels right for you.

Be inspired by the trees & their ability to let go, knowing that it is a part of the journey.


Your Turn…

One way to tip the scales of indecision & take a step forward is to envision yourself after the change.  What will life look & feel like?  Let that image return when you find yourself stuck in-between.  Let that vision of yourself enjoying your space & your belongings with light & ease propel you forward.

Next Steps…

Change can begin with one small tiptoe that leads to a step that leads to another step & soon your are off and running.  Commit to tiptoeing across the line that has held you back & begin today!  

Tell me what you did & how that first step felt!  I would love to hear how you were able to move from the longing & thinking stage to the action stage.  And remember that size of project doesn’t matter – loud cheering will abound for any and all forward movement!!!