Published Writings


Prepping Your Garage for Spring & Summer

Do you dread opening your garage door and seeing all the stuff that gathered over the winter? Is your garage in need of a big spring declutter and redesign? > read more.

Shift Out of Robot Mode and Engage with Life

Some days can feel like a blur. Work, emails, appointments, kid activities, meal prep, exercise – the list goes on and the clock ticks as we continue to push through one item after another. These are the days when we can easily slip into “robot mode.” > read more.

5 Tips for DeCluttering

February is a short month, but for Minnesotans it can feel like one of the longest when you are stuck indoors and unhappy with the state of your home. You may long to use these cold winter nights to snuggle up with a good book or work on a hobby, but it can be hard to relax or focus when your spaces are cluttered. > read more.

My son, Seth, turned thirteen in May, as cases of COVID-19 climbed in Minnesota and we entered the final days of the governor’s stay-at-home order. We celebrated with a traditional breakfast-in-bed wake up, my husband's hand made paper towel birthday signs taped around the house, and the dinner of his choice, Grandma’s manicotti, which she dropped off quickly so she wouldn’t be tempted to hug. But this social kid, the kid who makes a new friend everywhere he goes, didn’t get to be with friends. Any other year, he would share cupcakes on the deck with his neighborhood gang of boys and then we’d plan a special outing with a couple close friends. > read more or buy the book.