Profiles In Letting GO

Working with Kate: Declutter & Redesign has enabled me to make positive changes not only in my surroundings but in life! I have made room for the things that I love.

It’s amazing how the energy of the space you live or work in can impact your mindset and ability to enjoy life.

I met Kate Buckmeier a little over a year ago. At the time, I was going through some difficult professional transitions. Not only were my day-to-day activities changing, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to work from home much of the time. When looking around my office (also known as a playroom) I couldn’t find the brain space to concentrate on being productive let alone close out my day feeling happy and fulfilled.

It was time for a change.

I am no stranger to clutter, or mess. My dad often teased me about the backseat of my car, it often doubled as an office/garbage can/catch-all (now with 2 kids back there it is borderline off-limits to anyone else). My home was no different. I would gather too many magazines and instead of recycling them, I would store the ones I hadn’t read in a tote. More magazines, more totes. I rarely threw away anything that I felt could be used or needed in the future. What if I wanted to read Oprah’s thoughts the best way to de-stress your life? What if this tupperware would be the perfect size for my next left-over dish?

Slowly, as years passed, I couldn’t relax in my own home. I couldn’t fit anymore STUFF in my house. My two kids continued to bring in items — damn those big plastic toys. And I just couldn’t stop buying books. I mean — I have my weaknesses too. Nobody is perfect.

In walks Kate. Bless her soul.

We took a non-judgmental walk around my home. I told her what each room was used for and what I hoped each room would turn into. We made plans. And executed them. Together. She asked questions like, “If this cabinet mainly holds office supplies, why is it in your living room? Wouldn’t it be more helpful if it was in your office?” (Well, yes. Yes it WOULD be more helpful if I printed documents out in the same room as I typed them, Kate.) It seemed so simple. It was so easy when she was there to help sort out my cluttered brain.

After a few “working sessions” we had the majority of the sorting done. I was able to let go of a lot of STUFF. It wasn’t the dish that my aunt gave me for my wedding that carried her memory (I didn’t like the dish), it was ME that carried the memory and I wasn’t going anywhere. I didn’t need 3 different blenders that functioned for different purposes. I rarely use one!

I was able to donate items that once brought joy to me with the idea that now they would bring joy to others. Those items no longer served a purpose for me. And that was OK! It didn’t make me wasteful, or a bad person. I was able to pass along those items to make room in my life for other things.

I did make room. I made room for more clarity. I made room for peace. I made room for play. I became clear on my business goals. We were able to list the home we were growing out of and sell it within 10 weeks. I was able to set new goals for my meditation routine, now that I had a comfortable space to do that in. (And seriously, if you don’t have a meditation routine, you should probably consider it. It changed my life.) I took a couple of vacations. I played with my kids more. I made time for the relationships that mattered.

You may think that some of these areas of life that I made room for have nothing to do with cleaning out your office — but you’re wrong. It’s all connected.

If you have an area of overwhelm in your home, or in your work environment, I’d encourage you to dig a bit deeper. Let someone like Kate come in and guide you through the process of letting go. Let go of excess. You’ll make room for what counts.

Do you have a story of letting go that you’d like to share?or would you like support to get started on creating your own story?

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