Moving toward gratitude and release


Letting go.

Those words sound so simple, but the act isn’t always easy.

Letting go involves courage & strength of heart.

Often times, in the work of decluttering, we come across an item that has been taking up space for a long time. The first reaction might be a pause & deep breath, or an “oooh” like the “oooh” when you see a baby, or maybe even the oh as in “Oh, I forgot that was there, now what?”. There is usually a backstory about this item.  Many times it was a gift or something you “just had to have” at the time, but after the story and the sigh, it becomes apparent that this item has outgrown it’s welcome.

When it’s time to let go of something that has a history, was a big investment, or was a gift,  it’s best to remember that it already served it’s purpose. It was perfect or useful for the time in your life when you bought or brought it into your space, but now you have grown and changed and it’s ok to acknowledge that growth.  Thank this item and send it on it’s way.  Let it continue it’s journey.

If the item was given to you as a gift, it seems that guilt and obligation can be attached to the decision and make the letting go even harder. It could feel like you are rejecting the person if you don’t keep the item. Try to remember that gifts are given to convey a feeling, the gift is not the feeling itself. When you received the gift, it’s purpose was served, and after that you get to decide. Let it go before it brings negative feelings into the space.

I found the poem below in a blogpost on The Minimalists and I thought was a reflection of what can happen when we move from holding on to letting go.  It involves work to make a conscious decision to live with less and let go, but the reward is a sense of movement, freedom, and confidence.

Let go and make room for the big “things” that you truly want to be a part of your life.

The Cycle of Letting Go
I want it.
I must have it.
I have to possess it.
I own it.
I don’t use it.
I have debt from it.
It owns me.
It has changed me.
It steals time from me.
It blinded me.
It has taught me.
It has helped guide me.
I desire little.
I keep a little.
I am happier with little.
I miss little.
I stress over little.
I was transformed with little.
-by Ryan Nicodemus