Looking for a sense of relief?

Yesterday I was on an intake call with a potential client.  She was describing her projects and we were talking through her goals.  As the call wrapped up, she said, “I feel better already.” 

It seems like a simple phrase, but I know to pay attention when I hear these words because I can sense a shift happening and I am flooded with gratitude!  Gratitude because I can feel the relief through the phone.  The relief of giving voice to a burden that has been a source of struggle.  And the relief that someone will be a partner and take the lead on making a plan.   

And it isn’t just relief, I can also hear hope. 

We all have dreams and visions of how we want life to go, and when those dreams seem like they have been taken off-course, then it can feel daunting to find the path back without support.  And while it takes courage to ask for what you need, the reward is that sense of relief.  You have opened the door for some light to shine in.  You have started to set your course in a new direction, even if it is ever so slight.  Things feel hopeful!

Mark Nepo, author of The Book of Awakening, wisely says, “it helps to share our journey with others, because in doing so we become a chorus of voices, and the stress of going solo lessens once we discover that we are not alone.”

So if you are longing for support, but are embarrassed, intimidated, or still unsure of how to ask for help, then try one of these ideas.

Write about it.  Journal about the things that are keeping you stuck.  Getting it out, even if it’s on paper, can decrease the heaviness.

Offer yourself some self-compassion.  Notice when you are judging yourself harshly and instead offer yourself the same warmth & compassion that you would share with a friend.  Recognize all the things that do come easily to you, embrace your unique talents, and remind yourself that we all have different gifts.

Take a baby step.  Start by asking for help with something small so that you can ease into the experience of sharing your burdens.

Lift someone else’s burden.  Watch for an opportunity to offer your time or talent and notice the benefits of working with a partner or team.  Then remind yourself of those things when you find yourself questioning if you should/can ask for help on your own projects.Let’s ask for what we need, support each other, and embrace all the possibilities that are open and available on this journey!  Relief and hope are waiting.

If you have a project or area in your home that keeps tripping you up &  you wish you could get a fresh perspective or a partner to help you tackle it, then be in touch!  Let’s lighten things up together!