What I’m Reading Now…

what I'm reading now

“The More of Less: Finding the Life you Want Under Everything you Own”     Joshua Becker

Joshua Becker’s latest book, “The More of Less” is a practical guide to paring down & living with less.  He describes himself as a “realistic minimalist” and his book offers stories from his personal experience, as well as accounts of how other people have made this countercultural approach work in their lives.

If the word “minimalist” gets your heart racing, don’t worry, this book offers a realistic perspective on the small steps you can take to look at your stuff with fresh eyes.  The ideas are applicable whether you’d simply like to learn how let go more easily or really work to change your lifestyle.

I appreciate that Joshua Becker makes a point to highlight that you need to start the process with an understanding of your “why.”  Why do you want to make a change?  Why are you starting this journey?  I believe that stating your goal, or intention, as I like to call it, is a truly important step.

Another idea that he mentions that I think makes a lot of sense is to experiment.  He suggests that we conduct little experiments to determine what/how much we can live without.  Try this by packing up items & storing them for a set number of days or challenging yourself to live without something for a set amount of time.  At the end of the timeframe, you will have made your decision- “I can go without or I need that in my life.”  It’s a great way to step your toe in the water of change without the added anxiety of “forever” or “what if.”  

Be prepared that he does make reference to his Christian background & link some of his actions to those beliefs.  He does this claiming that the lessons can apply no matter your background or beliefs.  I wasn’t turned off by this, but didn’t realize it would be incorporated until I started the book.

Joshua Becker has a website Becoming Minimalist where he continues to offer insight & advice on this lifestyle choice.  It’s worth checking out.

Happy Reading!

It you’d like more resources from me or would like to share some of the books that are helping you on this journey, be in touch!  I LOVE to read & I LOVE to chat about books that get you all stirred up!