How Creating Beauty Feeds the Soul

A couple weeks ago the kids were out of school for the annual MEA break here in Minnesota so it was the perfect time to take a couple days off and head up north to my parents’ lake/retirement place in Northern MN.

As the kids are getting more involved with friends & activities it can be harder to find weekends to get away, so this fall break is something we count on & look forward to.

And I love being up north at this time of year!  The slow mornings for tea & a warm blanket, the quiet lake, the bright sun coaxing us outdoors, the leaf piles, and the last bonfires snuggled under the stars, wrapped once again in blankets.

Often the “cabin,” as we call it, is full of family on these kinds of weekends, but this time it was just my kids, my parents and I.  And I was determined to have some days to shut off the “should” button on work, but I continue to find that the designer, organizer, improver, creator in me doesn’t really ever shut off.

What began as an effort to straighten a rug, evolved into rearranging and moving furniture from all around the house to create a more functional, cozy main living area for us all.

First, I pulled in a larger rug from the porch to ground the 2 couches that had been floating around a tiny rug.   Then the side table from one bedroom and a desk from another were tucked into corners & will now get regular use & balance the heft of the couches.  A coffee table on sale at Target was ordered & a few fresh throw pillows were picked up in town.

Five years ago, we began furnishing this cabin for function with extras.  We all added items pulled from our collective houses, unique finds from second-hand stores, & bargains that we came across.  And now that we have had a few years to find out exactly how we use the spaces & what we need to be comfortable, it’s time for this home to function well and find it’s style.

Here is the cabin on move-in day 5 years ago.

Here is the space as the REDESIGN is in progress. Stay tuned for an updated pic.

Reminder that we are not going for Pinterest-perfect pics & designs here- this is real life.  I value the Permission to share and love your spaces because they work for YOU.

I came home & thought about the excitement that a project like this brings to my day.   There were other things that I could have done with my time,  but re-creating this space felt necessary to better fit our growing family & the upcoming holiday get-togethers.

And it brought me joy!

I came home refreshed and then ran across this quote from Alice Walker.


“Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.”


It was affirmation that creating beauty, as well as function in a space is what I love to do.  And when my mom called and mentioned how she was enjoying the cozy new living room – well, that was just icing on the cake!

PS.  The other rooms weren’t left in a shambles, they also got tweaked to make sense with less furniture clutter & a plan to be on the lookout for up-cycled pieces that might be perfect for our cozy, yet practical cabin vibe!

Inspired & Ready for a Change?

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