Hooks Help!

Hooks can be a lifesaver when you want to decrease the clutter that catches on your closet floor, on chairs, or beside doors.  Adding hooks to your space offers a temporary resting place for the things that are still in use or in transition.

A hook only has so much space before things start to fall off or it pulls out of the wall (yikes!)-  which means that hooks create a boundary around how much can be stored.  When you can’t add anything more, it might be time to check what’s hanging there & move it to it’s rightful place.

And feel free to think outside-the-box with hooks!  Here are some hooks that are being put to good use in our house that might inspire you to give hooks a try!


Hooks on the back of a closet door offer clutter control that is unseen when the door is closed.


Hooks in the garage store sports equipment & things we need as we walk out the door

IMG_7891 (1)

Hats always need a resting place & a row of hooks can do the trick


Hooks keep backpacks off the floor & ready for the next day of school.


Hooks inside a closet wall offer a holding place for clothes that can be worn again before they need to be washed

IMG_7894 (1)

These hooks at the top of our basement stairs offer storage for things that get reached for often or hold items that will be taken downstairs


Hooks can keep bags from getting left on chairs, tables, or cluttering the floor