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Kate Buckmeier

Kate understands it can feel overwhelming just thinking about the memories and decisions that surround your stuff. And the idea of creating new patterns and systems can feel daunting. You might not know how or where to start or have lots of dedicated time to spend. That's where our service makes all the difference. With certifications from NAPO (The National Association or Productivity and Organization Professionals) and five years of one-on-one work in homes.

Kate is committed to offering the support that fits YOU and your life. You gain the confidence and skills that will allow your home to become a place of restoration and peace, not chaos and clutter.

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Ways to Work with Kate

Don’t waste time and energy gathering information to find the “right” way to declutter. The Let’s Start Decluttering with At Kate: Declutter & Redesign I understand it can feel overwhelming to start decluttering. And you probably think there will never be enough time or energy to start, but it doesn't have to be that way! The Let's Start Decluttering with Kate online course is the guide you need to decrease the overwhelm and let go of the extras that are clogging up your home. You learn the simple system that will set you up for success in any space or category of stuff. Kate guides you through the process in bite-sized lessons and you gain the confidence and skills to declutter with less stress and more ease. Buy today and feel the relief of clearing the clutter.

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Leah P.I. - Fairbult

Kate has been wonderful in helping us clean up, declutter, and organize our house. She is calm and keeps us focused on the job at hand. We really appreciate that she doesn't tell us what to do; she listens and asks questions that help us make decisions about what we can let go of. Kate also helps us find ways to re-home and recycle objects so that we minimize what we put in the landfill. We highly recommend working with Kate.

Emma W - Northfield

Kate is absolutely wonderful to work with. I am motivated to clear clutter and have even read books on the topic, but having appointments with Kate helps me actually get stuff done. From our intro phone call, I knew I had found a great partner to help me whip my house into shape.I've hired Kate to declutter toys, reorganize my kids' rooms, hang art, stage a house before putting it on the market (with great results), and set up a new house after moving. You won't regret hiring Kate!

Julie R. - Rochester

Kate brings a peaceful presence with her into my home. After 22 years, we are downsizing from our 6,000 sq ft. home. I knew I needed help. I didn’t realize I needed the calm presence as much as I needed the actual physical Declutter assistance. She is encouraging and affirming while also gently keeping a focus on the work and goal we have set for our time together. Kate works right along side me and provides much of the physical support of moving items because I had back surgery last August. She will pick up supplies on her way and take things out of my home that we have decided are no longer going to be part of my life. I really appreciate her environmental ethic of taking things to resell or recycle. I have no reservation in whole heatedly recommending Kate.
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