Holiday Clutter


Here we are with the holidays upon us.

Time to shop!  Time to give!

Gifts coming in and going out!

Are you ready?

WAIT!  Before you lace up your boots and hit the stores or thumb through the ads and make your list, take a moment and think about your holiday traditions and how they affect your home and attitude.

Think back to last year and the feeling that you had after the dust settled on the holiday whirlwind.  

Were you happy with your choices?  Or did you long for another way?

How did it feel as you brought gifts into your home?  Did it create overwhelm and exhaustion as you worked to find a place for all of the new things?

This year, take a moment BEFORE you get caught up in the flurry & evaluate what you can do to create a  truly joyful season for everyone.

If gift giving is a big part of that, you might ask yourself if there is a way to share your love without adding more “stuff” to your life or the life of the one that you love.

Is there an experience that you could gift someone with or something new that you long to try that you could share with someone?  Consider a gift certificate that can be used for a service or self-care, a charitable donation, a handmade gift, or a gift of yourself.  Maybe you are an excellent baker and could gift someone their favorite homemade treat.  Maybe your child is interested in learning a new skill, like skiing or pottery, and you could offer a certificate for them to give it a try.

If you are feeling the desire to tweak your giving, create a more simplified tradition, or keep the extra “stuff” from coming into your home, check out these posts for more ideas & tips.  And let yourself start thinking creatively!

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Even small shifts can create great momentum toward your desire to enjoy less stress over the holiday, offer gifts of love, and decrease the amount of “stuff” that could end up on the bottom of the toy pile or add more clutter to your life.

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