4 tips to get your family ready to tackle clutter

Are you longing to make a change but feel like you have a big roadblock in place when you think about your family being on board?

I hear you!

And I am ready to support your progress!

Here are some tips to help you get started in a new direction.

  1.  Be up front with your family about your desires.  Let them in on the dreams that you have for your home and how you envision your spaces.  Sharing your reasons for making the shifts will help everyone know where you are coming from.
  2. Be sure to start with yourself and let the momentum grow.  Tackle areas that you have let pile -up, such as your collection of shoes or your bedside table that is overflowing with books.   As your family notices the changes in you and your spaces, they will also feel the energy shift and want to be a part of the positive movement.
  3. Once you have gained some confidence & practice on your own projects it is time to offer support to a family member.  Start small and keep them involved.   Your family members will lose steam quickly if you expect an all-day purge & reorg. session.  To get started, pick a project that can be finished completely in an hour or less, but will show big changes -maybe your child’s bedroom bookshelf or the top of their dresser.
  4. Let it evolve and keep the conversation going.  As you work on projects, talk about what is working for each of you-share ideas and learn from each other.  When everyone feels like they play an important role on the declutter team they will be more likely to stick with the projects & then feel some responsibility for how the spaces continue to function.

Getting your family on board takes patience & time.  It won’t be an overnight shift, but the effort will feel worth it as your home begins to function with greater ease & less “stuff.”


Too much stuff and too many ways to store it makes tidying difficult. Declutter & keep your child motivated & involved by starting small & sorting one category at a time.


What is one small project that you could tackle to get the ball rolling & allow the space to feel a bit lighter?


Give yourself permission to start slow & let the process evolve.

If these ideas seem helpful & you would like more support to get started, be in touch.