Feel Guilty Letting Go of Cards?

Do you struggle to let go of cards that were sent to you?

I often keep holiday cards displayed until February when I get antsy to clear the visual clutter & let them go. But for years, it was hard for me to do that. I felt guilty or thought I needed to keep them as reminders of how much our family & friends were growing & changing. I now realize I don’t need to be the keeper of these things.

If you struggle with letting go of holiday, or any cards, that you receive then try these ideas on –

💌Remind yourself that these cards were sent with love & never meant to be a burden on your space or your energy. When they start to pile up or you are frustrated by the weight of the collection, then tune in & honor your longing to let them go. Send a loving wish (thought) to that person & then put them in the recycling or trash.

🗃Offer the cards that you really do want to revisit (because they hold a special message or feel precious) a box or a file. Go through them a few times a year to read & curate what you have kept. It’s ok to keep items that are special to you, but those things are easier to manage when you give them a home & then stay aware of why you are collecting them.

Is this something you struggle with? What makes it easier for you to let go of cards?