Do You Need a Permission Slip?

The word PERMISSION keeps popping up all around me.  I hear it on podcasts, in conversations with friends, and when working with clients. 

It seems there is a longing for someone outside of ourselves to grant us permission to say, be, or do something that might feel scary or go-against-the-grain.

You may want – 

Permission to let go of the gift a friend gave you ten years ago that has never been used.  

Permission to say no to the request to be on another committee.

Permission to take 15 minutes to read a book or close your eyes during the day. 

Permission to say no to hosting book club or Thanksgiving.

In Braving the Wilderness, Brene´ Brown talks about writing herself permission slips to feel how she wants to feel and be who she wants to be.  She started this practice after feeling nervous and second-guessing herself.  Instead of looking outside of herself for permission, she grabbed a sticky-note and wrote down words that would allow her to enter her day in the way that felt right.

This is something I keep working at.  Tuning in to the times when I am holding myself back because I want someone else to tell me it is okay.  Noticing is the first step.  The next is to let go of that hesitation and offer yourself the permission to do, or be, or say what you want.

Want more ideas on how you can offer yourself permission to let go of something FOR NOW.  Check out this post and see if those two words lift some of the pressure of letting go.

Need Permission to Let Go?

I hope you can offer yourself a permission slip to enjoy everything that you love about this upcoming holiday season.