Do you always seem to buy more than you had planned?

The ads and emails are in full force this time of year!  Trying to entice you with sales and steals that might seem just too good to pass up or convince you that the more you buy, the better.

It can be hard to resist!

I’ve been there.

Scanning the ads for the newest items and trends. Walking the aisles in a daze. Getting distracted by sale signs or beautifully crafted displays. Buying things just so I had something to wrap. Making a purchase to relieve the fear that I would miss out a deal that wouldn’t come around again.

I would end up with more than I had hoped to buy and a sinking feeling that the items I settled on weren’t really what I wanted in the first place. It didn’t feel good.

So if you can relate but are longing for a different way or you are hoping get to through the month without that sinking feeling that you bought WAY more than you had planned, then here is one word to insert before you head out shopping.


Adding just a little more intention to your shopping experience can put you in the driver seat of the experience. Intention allows you to feel and be more proactive and less reactive to the marketing and pressure of the season.

You might say, that sounds good… intention is a nice word, but what does that look like in real life? 

It looks like –

  • deciding on a budget or the amount you want to spend before you head out to the store
  • shopping with a list
  • avoiding the dollar section unless you are looking for something specific
  • shopping when you have energy & noticing when you start mindlessly wandering aisles (that’s the cue to wrap it up & come back later)
  • creating a list of ideas first & then hunting for those items in the ads vs. letting the ads dictate what you buy
  • knowing WHY you are making a purchase
  • putting an item in your online shopping cart, but pausing or walking away for a little bit to check in with yourself – ask if the purchase is needed/wanted OR are you motivated by the fear of missing out on the deal?

It can be hard to resist the frenzy of buying at this time of year, so it’s understandable if you often come away with more than you had planned, but each baby step you take toward shopping with more intention can provide the shield you need to keep your cart from piling up with extra stuff.

Intention creates a little boundary of protection against the pressure of more, more, more.

Are there certain stores or ads that always suck you in & increase the chance of buying more than you had planned?

If you are hoping to simplify this year or get to the end of the holiday season feeling better about the amount you purchased, try taking one small intentional step the next time you shop.

Next Steps…

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