Need a decluttering plan?

This time of year we are bombarded with numerous offers to help us improve ourselves & keep our resolutions.  It can be overwhelming!  And sometimes makes me want to disconnect & throw in the towel before I even start!

But… if I take a deep breath, unplug from the outside pressure & take time to get clear about what I really want to get out of this new year, then I can start to create a plan.  And somehow just having the plan turns down the overwhelm and I feel relief that I have set the course toward creating, fulfilling, or adding those intentions & goals.

If you have the intention of clearing clutter and living lighter this new year, then setting aside some time to make a plan of attack might be just the thing to get you started & then help to keep you focused as the months go by.

Lots of organizing sites and books will detail twelve months of projects that often times coincide with the seasons and give you specific areas to tackle each month.  This new one by Houzz offers a sensible monthly plan that might be a great way to chip away at those clutter spots.  I like that it also talks about habits.  Often in order keep yourself from reverting back to those cluttery ways, new habits have to be created and cultivated with practice and patience.  (I’ll share more about that in an upcoming post.)

So click on the link below and see if a list like this might help you on the journey this new year.

If you found this information helpful but still feel overwhelmed or would like more resources on this topic, then contact me & together we can make a plan tailored to your specific goals & desires!  Often having a partner can make a world of difference!