There are a variety of ways we can get you moving forward, but my most popular package involves us doing the work together. We start right where you are at – without judgment, just curiosity. We uncover what works & what doesn’t & create a plan to get you where you want to go in the space that supports your goals. Then I guide the process as we dig in and efficiently clear the clutter & redesign your space to feel a whole lot lighter & a whole lot easier to manage.


“I feel so appreciative of being SEEN, and HEARD by you as evidenced in your notes to me. It feels really good to know that you really “get” where I am and what I could use some support and help with, thank you!”  J. F., Northfield, MN


We work hard to make sure the items that you no longer want can be passed on for someone else to use & enjoy.

As we sort your clutter, we create piles and fill boxes & bags that you can easily donate. I have a long list of donation sites that I can share with you & lots of experience finding homes for the things you no longer want in your space. At the end of the session I help you get those items into your car so they are ready to be passed on to someone who can put them to good use.

And if the idea of making time to get your donations to the right place feels a little too daunting, then I can take your bags & boxes with me at the end of the session. I charge a small fee and offer you the relief of having the stuff taken away. I do my best to donate locally & tap as many resources as necessary to keep as much as we can out of the landfill.