Contain the everyday items

The Star Tribune shared 5 efficient bathroom-storage tips in the Home Section this past weekend.  It mentioned the idea of clearing the counters, but keeping the daily items out.  I like this idea and wanted to offer a few simple ways you can contain the items to keep the counter tidy.

DSC_0233  Look for a low tray that you can place bottles and bowls into.  This will keep things in place and prevent them from falling on top of each other.

Here are some options from Target, but I suggest you look around the the house before you buy.  You might have an old basket or magazine tray that you can reuse in the bathroom.IMG_4552


IMG_4551Another idea is to find a box with a lid.  Then you can quickly conceal all of the everyday creams, pills, and makeup and  leave your bathroom looking great!


Whether this space has to function for the whole family or it is a master bath, decluttering this area can create a more efficient, serene space.

Happy tidying!