TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Celebrate Your Growth

When you decide to start new habits, let go of old systems, or shift your mindset about something, it can take time & effort.  And it might not be easy to recognize all of the positive things happening as you inch along on your journey.  The set-backs or disappointments are often what stand out vs. the little “wins” that keep you moving ahead.

The tip today is to take a minute to step back and notice where you are in relation to where you started- And then celebrate it!  Pat yourself on the back for even the smallest signs of momentum forward.  As Fay Wolf says in New Order: A Decluttering Handbook for Creative Folks (and Everyone Else),  “a little better is a little better.”  Let’s celebrate!


TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Have trouble starting new habits? Try starting SMALL!

Often when you decide to implement a new habit or routine, you start out with a lot of gusto.  Your make lofty goals & begin with lots of energy.  Then things start to get in the way.  Slowly the energy starts to wear off & you find yourself slipping or giving up.  Even with the best of intentions, it is hard to form new habits.  So instead of repeating that same old pattern, try a new tactic and start out small.

Identify the little pieces (the mini-routines) that are a part of your overall goal & start with one.  Ask yourself, “what is the smallest step I could take that would get me started on my new routine?”  This mini-habit should require hardly any energy or willpower.  Build confidence & practice with your mini-habit & once it is established, then you can add on (another tiny piece of the larger goal).  Watch yourself establish new habits with a lot less frustration, backsliding & energy expended.

For more info. on habit formation check out Dr. Christine Carter’s book, The Sweet Spot:  How to find your groove at home and work.  Or contact me below & together we can break down your goal & make a plan to get you there.

TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Ask for Help

It’s not always an easy to do, but enlisting support to check off the things that feel daunting or just aren’t your strong suit, will take a big load off of your shoulders.  I took my own advice and asked for help to rethink & relabel my digital files.  It seemed like a small thing & something I should be able to do on my own, but having a partner to talk through the process & trouble-shoot when any technical difficulties came up, was a huge relief.  And the results made a big difference in my work day!

What project do you want support on?  What’s holding you back from asking for what you need?


TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Get your Entryway ready for SUMMER!

Make room for the things you will need the most now that warm weather is here!  Add a basket with sunscreen & sunglasses, a tote for library books, or a beach bag all set with the essentials.  And be ready for whatever summer throws your way!


TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Consider Your Containers

When you are ready to organize your space, consider the type of container you need and the function it will serve.  You might choose containers based on whether they are easy to clean, see-through, solid-bottomed, light-weight or offer an option to be labeled.  The wire baskets above were chosen because they offer venting for wet or stinky cleats and are easy to hose down when mud & grass collect.