TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Celebrate Your Growth

When you decide to start new habits, let go of old systems, or shift your mindset about something, it can take time & effort.  And it might not be easy to recognize all of the positive things happening as you inch along on your journey.  The set-backs or disappointments are often what stand out vs. the little “wins” that keep you moving ahead.

The tip today is to take a minute to step back and notice where you are in relation to where you started- And then celebrate it!  Pat yourself on the back for even the smallest signs of momentum forward.  As Fay Wolf says in New Order: A Decluttering Handbook for Creative Folks (and Everyone Else),  “a little better is a little better.”  Let’s celebrate!


TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Remember What YOU Like

Take a moment to look around your space & see if the decor you are surrounding yourself with reflects YOU.  Ask yourself if you are displaying things that other people thought you would like/need or if they are pieces that you would have chosen?  Do they reflect your style, taste & preference?

If you don’t like to change decor with the seasons, don’t.  If you don’t like extra nicknacks or things on your shelves, recognize this & take them down.  Remember what YOU like & you will feel so much more comfortable in your space.

TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Act like you are moving

Take a minute to look at your space and imagine that you were moving.  What would you take with you?  Do you see things that would be donated or trashed?   Open a drawer or cabinet & pretend that you needed to pack it up to move by the end of the week.  Pull out the things that you would take (the items you use, need, or enjoy) & then decide to let go of the other items.

TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Do something kind for your future self!

Find one thing that you could do today that would make things easier on your “future self.”

Here are some things that you could try:

  • set out your workout clothes, shoes & earbuds the night before to make it easier get your exercise
  • prepare your coffee pot & set the timer to wake up to a fresh cup in the morning
  • take 2 minutes to tidy up the kitchen counter before bed to wake up to less mess
  • unload the clean dishwasher in the morning to avoid being faced with a pile of dirty dishes at the end of the day
  • check your calendar & schedule a massage or another form a self-care when you notice that it will be an especially taxing week
  • set a reminder on your phone to take 5 min. breaks to stretch or walk around, when faced with a work day stuck at your desk

TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Decide what you are focusing on

Do you know it’s time for a change but you feel too scared to make it happen?  Try shifting the focus & see if the fear decreases.  Think about the feeling of moving forward instead of the letting go & things might lighten up around the word “change.”