Be a gatekeeper


"You are the gatekeeper of your home." L. Rosenfeld

Today I was thinking about the small shift that I am noticing in our societal message of consumerism.  It is the notion that we should treasure each and every one of our possessions & surround ourselves with things that evoke joy.  Marie Kondo talks about this in “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” and L. Rosenfelf & Dr. M. Green agree in “Breathing Room.”  Both books have some great insight on how to break out of the cultural norm of More = Happiness.

They passionately believe that we need to evaluate how we want our space to feel and then surround ourselves with the things that evoke those feelings.  This notion feels a little crazy when you look at our cultural track record!  We have been asked to consume!  Buy, buy, buy!   Everything we need is right there for the taking, so go ahead… buy whatever looks good.  And when you get tired of it, you can throw it out

It’s no big surprise that things can pile up and get forgotten when there is always more ready to come in.

I understand our cultural message and have had my own struggles with succumbing to it.  It’s hard not to want the latest new thing.  It’s even harder to talk back to the hidden anxiety that says if I don’t buy the item then I will be lacking.  It’s especially difficult to be strong when it comes to decisions for the family.


But, I believe there is a way to make some small changes that can lead to becoming a more conscious consumer and create spaces that feel like they match your values.

These changes involve taking stock- digging in and seeing what is underneath the piles, what is crammed in the drawers and closets, and what has sat forgotten in the storage room.  But before I do that, I have to ask myself what I want my space and life to be about.  I take a time to pick a word (or words) that I can keep as my guiding light.  The words for my kitchen could be Nourishing, Conscious, Creative, Healthy.  The words for my living room might be different;  maybe something like Shared, Comfortable, Peaceful.
These words can guide the decluttering process.  When deciding to keep, donate, repurpose, or recycle, I can check in to see if the item reflects my intention.  The words can also become the shield that I need when I am faced with a trip to the store.  When temptation is strong, I can take a minute to think about my guiding words and it might offer more clarity around the purchase.


Thinking of a word/words might sound simple, but the effects can be profound.  It offers you a way to say no and let go of things from a place of positivity.  You have your best intention in mind.  And it creates a little gate to distance yourself from the many options that are tempting you to bring them into your home.

I am so grateful that there seems to be a small shift happening.  I know that the more people start to look into their cluttered spaces the more room will be created for the things that are really important- And that is when the real excitement can happen!
Are you taking time to contemplate the things that you 
surround yourself with?  Do you have trouble fighting the 
temptations of the media and cultural expectations?  What is the 
biggest roadblock to you creating the space 
that feels like it reflects YOU?

Let’s start the conversation!

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