Ask Kate – Where can I donate fabric?

Are you a crafter or a quilter who has accumulated mountains of assorted fabrics that are taking up space in an extra bedroom, the basement, or on the craft room floor? 

Do you have loads of fabric that you bought with the intention of using it in a project, only to have it sit in a pile or bin for years & the project long forgotten?

I get asked about donation resources all the time & this Ask Kate post offers a few places that could take that extra fabric off of your hands and put it to good use.


Bundles of Love Charity is a nonprofit organization that partners with community service agencies to assist Minnesota families in need by providing handmade baby clothing, bedding and basic care items for their newborns.  

The Textile Center takes donations for their garage sales which happen a couple times a year.

Minnesota Quilters, Inc. is a nonprofit that celebrates the art of quilting and accepts donation to make that happen.

Humane societies or animal shelters often take fabric to create beds & toys for the animals.  Google & then give a call to find out locations, hours, and needs.  Locally try Windmill Animal Rescue or Prairie Edge Humane Society.

ArtScraps is a reuse store in St. Paul that will take all sorts of crafting materials (by appointment).

And if you would like to sell fabric or crafting supplies, check Facebook and see if there is a local online group in your area.  In Northfield, you can find it at Northfield Online Crafters Garage Sale.

A call to your local art teachers or crafting stores can offer insight into where & how to pass things on.


More questions? contact me & we together we can find a resource that works for you.