All Is Not Lost


Do you find yourself reverting back to old habits and patterns during this uncertain time?

I sure do.

In this time of great change, it is natural for our old habits and patterns to come back and try to derail us even further. You are probably noticing the routines and strategies that worked so well when everyone was at work or school are now on hold or struggling to hang on.

Maybe the mail is piling up or clutter is starting to collect in it’s favorite hang-outs once again. Or maybe those negative tendencies you thought you had ditched are now scrambling to get back in the driver’s seat.

It’s not fun to feel like everything has been upended and you have no control. It’s not fun to struggle to find a routine when it has felt like all you can do is live day-to-day.

I get it. But in order to lift the heaviness and stress of this time we have to offer ourselves a little patience and compassion.

When you find that yourself slipping into old patterns and habits, try this

In your gentlest voice, tell yourself –
“All is not lost. You can find your way back. It’s ok to pause. You will find your way again.”

These are the words I am going to cling to when anxiety tries to creep in. I’m saying this over and over again when fear tells me things will never be the same. And I am hoping these phrases silence the voice that wants me to throw-in-the-towel and the other voice that keeps trying to convince me “all is lost.” Because I know that isn’t true.

We can always hit RESTART or REFRESH once our stressed-out bodies and minds feel safe and ready to support us.

So be gentle with yourself as you notice yourself slipping. Trust that you will find your way back. 💛

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