Why Dreaming Isn’t a Solo Endeavor

The other day I was listening to a podcast when two inspiring women, Kristin Hanggi & Natalie Roy, shared this thought-

“It takes a village to raise a dream.”

I had to jot it down.  I had to dig into it further.  I had to share it with you. 

And I had to ask myself – why was I so struck by this idea? 

I’m pretty sure I already knew this to be true, but I think it must have come at a time when I needed a reminder that we don’t need to do it alone.  I needed to hear that our dreams are meant to be shared.

Stated.  Offered up.  Allowed to be seen & heard, so that they can be supported, nurtured & guided along their way.

But sharing a dream doesn’t always feel easy.

I understand that.  I’m an introvert.  Someone who isn’t afraid to do things independently.  My natural inclination is to spend a lot of time with my own thinking (overthinking, actually).  Learning, planning, mapping the course, setting goals & making lists.  Being “busy” on things that feel safe & comfortable.  Things that I can justify as making progress toward something.

So sharing my dreams with the world feels like a scary idea.  Letting people in on a dream means that I might have to let go of the reins a little – yikes!  I might not be able to follow a map.  

But what I am finding is that I can putter away on my own, busy in my little safety net for only so long.  My “busy” work becomes a holding pattern, UNTIL I get a little nudge of curiosity & longing from being around someone who sees things in another way.  Or when I notice someone who is doing something that I have always wanted to try & it sparks desire.  Or when someone makes a comment that causes a lightbulb to go off

That is when I feel the dream gathering power.  That is when a shift can occur & I begin to feel an opening for growth. 

hearing that it takes a village to raise a dream is a big reminder that to really move ahead, I have to open up my dream to the world.  And I can rely on others to support it’s progress. 

My role in all of this is to be willing to take one step at a time, as I listen & watch for the people along the path that have the next piece of wisdom to keep the journey unfolding toward the dream. 

Stating a dream aloud & allowing the path to unfold toward that dream can be scary for anyone who likes to do things independently or enjoys a plan, or anyone who has a big aversion to failure.  BUT, trusting that a village is just waiting to support the dream makes it easier to open up.  To trust & to allow the path to get a little twisty or brambling and yet to still keep dreaming.

I have been using this last month to stay open to the dream.  To look from a wide-angle lens at what I spend my time on and how those things relate to my dreams.  It has been an exercise in patience & acceptance.  It has brought up fears, as well as curiosity & courage.

And the idea of allowing a village to share the journey offers a new perspective on how much weight is resting on my shoulders to find the right directions & take all the right steps.  

Your Turn…

Inspiration, insight, and momentum are allowed to enter & move us along our journey when we look to others for new ideas, allow friends & colleagues to shoulder some of our fears, and allow curiosity into our life. 

Learning from someone else’s mistakes or successes, asking for support, accepting feedback or sharing your dream out loud with someone, are all ways that we can use the village.

In my work, I ask you to open your doors & share the dreams for your space.  The dream you have for your daily interactions with your stuff.  The dream about how you want to spend your time or relate to your children and your stuff.  And I am honored when I can be a small piece of the village that allows the dream to unfold a little easier. 

Thank you to the village that supports this blog & all the villagers that keep popping up on my journey (to find & state my dreams).

Do you have a dream waiting for some room to grow?

Are you getting worn out trying so hard to make it happen? 

What would it feel like to step back and look to the village for support?

Tell me about it.