Kate Buckmeier

I've worn many hats in my forty-seven years, the latest = the lucky mom of two kids on the cusp of launching (exciting & tricky!!!), an assistant at the local food shelf, one half of a twenty-three-year marriage with a guy who makes me laugh & pushes my buttons, often to see if I'll roll my eyes, and a wannabe writer, traveler, seeker, who is learning to get out of her own way.

This space is where I get to practice what I long to become, someone who doesn't let fear of what others think stop her from taking risks. And who believes that creating and sharing from the heart is a worthy endeavor.

Welcome to the place where I share my musings, fake poems, attempts at essays, and whatever other wild writing asks for more attention and longs to spark connection.

May this act of love be felt and grow in us both.

- Kate