I'm Kate Buckmeier, founder of Kate: Declutter & Redesign.

I understand that clutter and the stress of managing a home full of too much stuff can feel heavy, overwhelming, and time-consuming. I have been there.

Even though I am a naturally organized person, the home I created with my husband and two kids quickly became filled with too much stuff but I knew there had to be another way to live - a way that felt lighter and easier. Kate: Declutter & Redesign was born out of the desire to support others ready to shift from feeling overwhelmed to confident in their homes. Letting go of the extras and creating systems that function with ease, frees up time and energy for what truly matters in life!

My background in education and psychology and my love of design are put to work as I help clients clear out the extras and find creative ways to enjoy the things they use, need and want in their homes. I work with clients in their homes or virtually and use solutions that keep environmental impact in mind.

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