A Clear Mission

I am learning that getting specific creates more connection.  What I mean is that when you are clear about what you are looking for, chances are things seem to shift so that you are connected to just what you have always wanted.

Here is an example.  When you are on the car hunt, you begin with the broad generalities.  You start really broad with “I need a vehicle.”  Then you start to narrow a bit;  I need room for 6, space for a kennel, reliability & something that gets good gas mileage.  This description helps you realize that some vehicles just won’t fit the bill when you have those stipulations, but it doesn’t match you up with “the one” yet.

You need to get more specific. 

Determining the color, feel, size, and shape that appeal to you helps you zone in and find the one or two cars that you want to test out.  Once you have those specific cars in mind, connections start to happen.  You see those cars on the road all the time!  You know what you want and they seem to jump out at you at every turn.  

IMG_5780I have started this journey into my own business with some broad strokes.  I created big generalities about this work in order to reach many people.  But, I want to make sure that things are a bit more clear.  I want to make sure that I am hitting the target for the right people and creating connections that enable me to support the ones that are yearning for change.

Here are the specifics of what I am really about.  Ready?  Let me lay them on you…

I work with people who have let life/our culture get in the way of (hinder them from) making their space a reflection of themselves.  This happens all the time!  Life hijacks your plans & intentions & before you know it, you don’t recognize the place you call home.  And then, you aren’t quite sure how to begin to get things feeling right again.   

I create clarity around the problem spots & direction around what you really want out of your spaces.  I am a partner that can offer you permission to let go of some old patterns, habits, and stuff (junk, mementos, papers) that no longer serve you, and I bring accountability so that you set aside time & we can really make change happen.  Along the way, we get creative & have some fun!

If you are longing for those things.  If they are “hitting the mark” for you, then listen to that longing and take the next step to making a change that supports you!