Claiming A Space That Work & Life Can Share

What do you do when your client wants to declutter & redesign her office to enable her successful business to continue to grow, provide a sanctuary for restoration & self-care, oh.. and can we also find space to store her beloved book collection?


before of cluttered office


We put on our thinking caps and in no time we made this small space function with greater ease & accessibility for the business, while honoring the items that offer inspiration, contemplation, & add personality to the space!



First up, we consolidated all of the office supplies from other parts of the house & created homes for them in this space.  Having everything close at hand enables greater productivity & cuts down on the need for duplicates, which can become a major contributor to office clutter.  In order to do that we needed to bring in another cabinet (repurposed from a different room) that would provide closed storage for the office supplies & free up the existing cabinet to house business books, items that are needed daily for the running of the business, and open space to store ongoing work (and enable a clear desk at the end of the day).


We made room for items that promote creativity & quiet contemplation & organized these things in totes for use in this space or to be easily grabbed & taken to another area of the home.

And what about those books?  Well…. we definitely decreased the piles & we worked to organize them by category, but we were still left with a lot of books to work with.  It is something that brings this client joy & inspiration, so we knew that books would always need a home in the space and needed to honor that.

We created room for books inside a cabinet, stacked neatly on the shelf, held up with bookends, and piled in a tidy tower on the floor.  Now, they don’t add visual clutter; they can promote inspiration because they have been offered space in an intentional way.


Stay tuned for more makeovers!  Inspiration is a great & powerful thing!!!