A Book Worth the Read…

What I’m reading now…


New Order:  A Decluttering Handbook for Creative Folks (And Everyone Else) by Fay Wolf is a practical handbook that offers tips, ideas, & lots of resources on how to pare down in order to create space for a creative life.  Fay says, “the endgame is how this new way of living makes you feel, how it allows you to operate, and what it inspires you to do next.”  She is speaking my language!

She opens the book by asking that you resist starting the process with a trip to the organizing store.  And when I read those words, I knew this book would be one that I could recommend.  It never begins with organizing.  It starts with the purge & she offers simple steps to get set-up; offering cut & dry questions to ask yourself as you let go of stuff.

She offers “real life” advice/insight sections that let you ponder what you are holding on to & gain greater perspective.  The “Pro Tip” section is all about application – ways to make life easier & more efficient.

I appreciate that Wolf offers a section with specific ways to donate the items you no longer use, as well as many examples of apps & supplies that will support your effort to stay on top of your new systems. 

A resource like this can quiet some of the questions around letting go and make adopting a new system a little less scary.

Check it out!