Stop talking about it, and do it…


my morning space

For years I have said that I wanted to start an early morning routine.  I wanted to create space & time, before the day started, that was just for me

It was something I continued to talk about, and probably whine about, and beat myself up about, until… last month.

I finally took action!  I took action after reading a book called The Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod 

The book was given to me by a friend who said something to the affect of, “when I was following this book, things were going well in my life.” – I couldn’t resist the chance to find out what the secret was! 

The book was motivational & the habit formation tips were really easy to implement, but the game changer that moved me to action was reading that it’s ok to push back on making sure you get X number of hours of sleep.  His advise-  tell yourself that no matter the amount of sleep you get, it will be enough & then you will actually feel that way!  Honor the mind-body connection & see what happens.

That was a big shift for me. 

I always said that I needed a lot of sleep & it was the biggest excuse I had to stay in bed in the morning. 

If I stayed up reading a good book, then no matter how much I wanted to get myself up with an early alarm, it wasn’t going to happen, because the last thought I had before closing my eyes was, “I am going to be so tired tomorrow.  It is going to be SO hard to get out of bed!”  The kind of talk that would become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

So when I read that I have to shift & go to sleep telling myself I will be rested & ready in the morning, I had to see if it would really work.  And after 5 weeks of following through with my morning routine, I have to say that the pressure is off and I am committed to this new way of starting my day.  No more talk, it is just what I do.

The funny thing is that we can continue to try to motivate ourselves.  Little pep talks to get ourselves to start anything new that we think will take work – new exercise routine, healthier eating habits, an earlier bedtime- but we might be spending a lot of energy in the wrong place.  There comes a point where we have all the motivation we need and it’s time to commit to the follow-through. 

Shut down all the conversation & thoughts that could stop you from moving ahead & just do it!

Your turn…

If you are longing to start decluttering, and you’ve talked about decluttering, and told yourself over & over again that you will start decluttering, then it’s time to start!

Next steps…

Whatever you have told yourself in the past – “that decluttering & letting go it will be hard & overwhelming & you won’t know what you are doing or where to start”-  that can all stop now.   

Decide to turn off those thoughts & start fresh with this statement- 

“Whatever forward progress I make on decluttering today will be enough.” 

Try it. 

Don’t be surprised if the pressure lifts & you have the energy & hope to grab a box or bin & collect the first, of many, items to let go of.