Work that honors “Being” & “Doing”


Part of what I support clients with is the “doing” part of life, this is the part where we actually make changes and physically work.  We plan, sort, rearrange, move furniture, and organize.  This is the work that shows when you walk into the room or open a cupboard or cabinet.  You can see the changes and the room appears tidy and decluttered.

But, the part of my work that really excites me is the “being” part.  This is where you get to tune in to the “feel” of the space & what you really want it to bring to your life.  The process starts with a couple of questions to determine whether the space is serving you in the way that you want & then setting the new intention.  The intention helps as we are actually doing the work.  It is easy to make decisions about items and placement when you have a clear intention that you are working toward.

Decluttering is a simple process, but when you bring intentional work into the process it changes everything.  You create a whole new feel, the work becomes more rewarding, and you are more likely to keep the space in order.  You want it to continue to feel good.  You want to “BE” in the space.

The “being” part of this work isn’t seen when you step into the space, but it can be felt.  The space holds the intention and it invites us to enjoy what we have created.  You can feel the new attitude of the space and the fresh energy.  It’s amazing!

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