Why there is no room for self-judgment or shame when decluttering

Does looking around at all of your piles & stuff give you a feeling of embarrassment, guilt or shame?

Does that voice in your head start to whisper some awful things around you letting this get out of control, why can’t you… & don’t ever let someone see this side of you?!?!?!?!

I’m here to tell you that those feelings and voices are the first things to banish in the process of decluttering!

Guilt, shame, embarrassment, & self-judgment are all keeping you stuck with the mess & clutter.  They are the unwanted guests that have to be shown the door before any work can begin. 

The only voice that you need to listen to on this journey is the voice of compassion. 

The accumulation of your stuff has been done.  That time has passed.  Now is the time to offer yourself grace & compassion.  Know that what you did or didn’t do before now DOES NOT have to determine how things will go as you move forward.

Let those old voices go & a new lightness will appear. A feeling of hope & strength.

Let decluttering be an act of love

Be compassionate with yourself & make decluttering an act of love.  

Sorting out of a place of love & understanding makes the process feel like a treasure hunt.  Sifting through the items that you collected over time can be a blessing.  It is a way to honor all that came before; a journey of remembering and thanking as you move forward with clarity.

Your Turn…

Your old ways are just that, old.  They don’t have to continue to keep you stuck.  You can shift the language that you use with yourself & when you talk about yourself with others. 

Try on some new vocabulary.  Using the phrase “Up until now…” is a great way that your words can shift your thoughts & actions.  

Up until now...

Up until now… I used to have to stop at every garage sale.  Now, I know that I have all that I need.”

Up until now, I used to buy without thinking.  Now, I ask myself if this is really something that I need & love.”

Up until now, my desk was a continual mess.  Now, I am carving out spaces to do the work that I love.”

Up until now, I didn’t talk about my mess without feeling shame.  Now, I offer myself compassion as I take baby steps toward a new way of living.”

Next Steps…

You can turn the page on old behavior and begin to use “judgment” for good.

Judgment that comes from a place of discernment can be your new friend.  The more you get curious, ask questions, and evaluate your choices, the easier it will be to surround yourself with the things that truly make your life more fulfilling. 

Begin today by looking over that pile of books, notes, & magazines that sits by your favorite chair or empty out that bathroom drawer that has collected old toothbrushes, outdated makeup, and unused lotions & only put back the things that you really use & appreciate. 

Negative self-talk can really keep you stuck.  If you need a boost to keep things positive & support your new way of thinking about your situation & your stuff, then be in touch.

Schedule a one hour Clarity Session and together we can make the hard stuff a whole lot easier.