Why I don’t call myself an Organizer

changes that last

I have been searching for a title to describe my job for a long time.  I wear many hats in this work, so it has been hard to find the one that fits just right.  I created and used Lifestyle Collaborator for a while and now I’m trying on Space & Lifestyle Consultant.  I know that I will land on something soon, but the one title that I have shied away from is Organizer.

Here’s why…

I want it to be clear to potential clients that what I bring to your space is a process.  We are not just moving your stuff around to make it neat.  This is not an effort to tidy up your space, it is a process of evaluation & reflection that creates a space that truly works for you. 

My service involves intentionality about lifestyle & how your space can reflect your wants & needs.  That involves letting go of the things that are holding you back and making room for the things that you want to bring in, display, and have easy access to.  We clear the clutter & find out what you truly need.

We also evaluate the daily flow & use of the space.  We look at the systems that are working & what isn’t going so well & use that information to experiment with the new habits that will keep the space in order.  Taking the time to declutter & simplify only to have it all clog up again is very defeating, so part of the process involves time spent on creating shifts in self-talk & mindset, habit formation, & accountability.

There is a piece of organizing in this process & it is very important.  But it comes after the sorting, sifting, reflecting, clearing, and cleaning.  As Joshua Becker says, “Never organize what you could discard.”  I keep that line ever present throughout the process cause it just makes sense!

When we get to the organizing stage, we know we are in the home stretch.  It is the last step before you begin to implement systems & create new habits.  It sets you up for success.

Often this part is really fun, as it is so rewarding to get your items to land in the spaces that truly make sense, are visually appealing, and function with ease!  It’s like putting in those last pieces of the puzzle- it feels like a big accomplishment & you can step back & truly enjoy the fruit of your labors. 

But only for a bit… an organized space only stays that way if you shift your habits & keep your intentions in mind.  Organizing is crucial, but it’s only one part of the process to create a space that functions with ease.

Your Turn…

Do you ever catch yourself skipping important steps because you just have to get it done, are pressed for time, or don’t fully understand why you need all the steps?  We all do it, but the next time you feel the urge to skip the hard stuff or the stuff that takes more time, stop & recognize what’s happening. 

Next Steps…

To create changes that last it is important to honor each piece of the process.  Clearing out your space feels great & you will feel a big energy boost when you finish, but those spaces can easily fill up again without some shifts in mindset and habits.  Make the time to give each phase the attention it needs & you will be amazed at the benefits!

If you have tried to declutter & organize only to have your space go right back to the way it was before you started, you might be ready to try a new approach.  Be in touch and together we can tackle the pieces of the process that you might have missed & create some lasting changes.