What does tree trimming have to do with decluttering?

DSC_0901I absolutely love trees!  We chose our house because of the large trees in the yard and the flowering trees that accent the landscaping.  And since we moved in, I have learned  that trees need a lot of attention.  Not just adoration, but the kind of attention that involves some work & maintenance.

They need to be trimmed for their health.  Taking out the dead branches and trimming the overgrowth is a preventative measure to create proper air circulation, prevent disease, and keep them strong and stable as they age.

Recently, we had some of the trees in our yard trimmed.  As I watched the branches falling to the ground, I couldn’t help but think about how similar this act is to decluttering

Without attention, your spaces can become clogged, stagnant, full.  Overgrown and overwhelmed by stuff.  They need attention to feel healthy and support each phase of your life.

As you trim away all of the extra stuff in your space, the stuff that  no longer reflects you, you are left with some bare spots.  It feels a little raw and exposed.   You may start to feel a little fear creeping up- what if I need that in the future?  You question yourself and might even want to dig into the donate pile and take things back out.  

When I look at a fresh cut on an old tree, I always second-guess my decision to trim it.  It stands out and seems so harsh.  I wonder if we took too much?

But, I know from experience that the trimming will pay off- the tree will bloom again and the spaces will fill in.  The cut will fade.

When you commit to clearing out clutter, your home will begin to support you in the way that you have always wanted it to.  Your spaces will feel light, easy, and bring contentment.  Tidying will be so much easier and you won’t be wasting time.  You will have pruned away the extra, the old, the tired, the outgrown, to make way for the fresh & beautiful.

It is an act of love to trim a tree.  It offers the tree opportunity and healthy growth.   I wish the same for you as you start to pare down your spaces.  Let it be an act of love.  May you clear out to support a new stage, a new desire, or a new commitment to contentment & health!