The Most Versatile Storage Container

When you are ready to contain it, try one of these!


I don’t believe you need to go out and spend a lot on organizing tools, and I also want to make it clear that organizing always comes after the clear & clean out!   With that said, I am happy to share when I find a container or bin that is super versatile & can make life easier.

If what you have just isn’t working, then you might want to try one of these!

multi-purpose bin

The Multi-Purpose Bin is found at The Container Store & comes in 4 sizes.  They are priced right, see-through, and easy to label-all bonuses when organizing!

Here are some ways that we have put them to use!

pantry bin

Separate your grains into categories and store in a bin to make the hunt for the right package easier.

office bin

The perfect size for file folders, notebooks, & paper.

bin with art supplies

Coloring & crafting books stored in a bin that can be carried to your work area.

bin for pantry

No more hunting for baking ingredients. Slide out the bin & you’ll have everything you need for your recipe.


Happy Organizing!