TiP for Your TUESDAY!

Have trouble starting new habits? Try starting SMALL!

Often when you decide to implement a new habit or routine, you start out with a lot of gusto.  Your make lofty goals & begin with lots of energy.  Then things start to get in the way.  Slowly the energy starts to wear off & you find yourself slipping or giving up.  Even with the best of intentions, it is hard to form new habits.  So instead of repeating that same old pattern, try a new tactic and start out small.

Identify the little pieces (the mini-routines) that are a part of your overall goal & start with one.  Ask yourself, “what is the smallest step I could take that would get me started on my new routine?”  This mini-habit should require hardly any energy or willpower.  Build confidence & practice with your mini-habit & once it is established, then you can add on (another tiny piece of the larger goal).  Watch yourself establish new habits with a lot less frustration, backsliding & energy expended.

For more info. on habit formation check out Dr. Christine Carter’s book, The Sweet Spot:  How to find your groove at home and work.  Or contact me below & together we can break down your goal & make a plan to get you there.