Take a Break! It’s Important!

I’m all for productivity, efficiency and just plain getting things done, but we all need time to recharge, reboot… restore.  And that’s all there is to it. 

We need breaks. 

Breaks offer us time for clarity & creativity.  They help us put things in perspective. 

When I’m pushing and striving, it can feel like the things I am doing are too important to step away from.  But too much of that pushing can result in overwhelm, disconnection, or fatigue. 

If I can catch myself before I hit that point and take time to relax & let go of the “what ifs,” then I am better able to come back and work with greater focus.  My brain has had some time to recharge & reassess.

And August can be the perfect time to go a little slower before Fall arrives.  It’s a great month to step away for those few moments of rest, peace, or creativity that can reset your drive & determination before you turn the page on summer.

Your Turn…

Are you frustrated & spinning your wheels as you juggle all of your expectations? 

Are you at the point of exhaustion?  Your productivity & drive are probably going downhill as you work to keep pushing yourself to get things done.  It sounds like it’s time for a break.

Next Steps…

A break can be little or big.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Take a walk outdoors
  • Schedule a massage
  • Turn off your phone for an extended period
  • Read a book that is “just for fun”
  • Take the day off and do something that feels “out of the ordinary”
  • Watch a video or show that makes you laugh
  • Treat yourself to coffee at a place you don’t usually frequent
  • Listen to an inspiring podcast
  • Take yourself on a little trip & leave your computer/iPad at home
  • Sit by a campfire
  • Stare into space – let yourself really zone out
  • Take 5 deep breaths

This month it is my intention to find simple ways to disconnect from the to-do list & plug into wonder & curiosity.  And I can’t wait to return to my projects with a new energy & perspective. 

Tell me how you reset, recharge or reboot when you feel your productivity going downhill.  I’d love to hear about it.