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BLOOM – Spring Wellness Retreat on Saturday May 11 from 9am-5pm  Register here

Northfield Home & Garden Show on Saturday April 6 from 9am-3pm

Mixers with a Purpose on Tuesday April 2 at 6pm

I love to speak & share the message of lighter living. Contact me when your group needs inspiration & motivation around letting go!

“I would highly recommend Kate Buckmeier of Kate: Declutter & Redesign.  She was very thoughtful in her approach to her presentation.  She worked hard to create an evening that suited our clients’ needs perfectly.”  – The team at Coldwell Banker Nybo & Associates


Make the Most of Your transition

1 hour talk with practical tips & inspiration that will allow your transition to unfold with greater ease.  Kate shares the 3 C’s – how getting curious, curating your things, and thinking creatively can ease life before and after a move.  You’ll leave energized and ready to tackle your transition!

Declutter! From Start to Finish

1 hour talk that focuses on the process of setting yourself up for success so you can declutter & let go of what’s holding you back in your spaces. Kate offers strategies, resources & inspiration to shift your mindset around your “stuff” & the steps it will take to let it go.

Clear Out the Tough Stuff

1 hour talk full of tips & inspiration that focuses on the areas of decluttering that can feel hard or overwhelming.  Topics touched on are sentimental items, photos, important papers, and items that feel too expensive to part with.

Past talks given at Northfield Enterprise Center, Northfield Public Library, Laura Baker Services, C.H.I.X. (Collaboration Helping Intelligent women eXcel) Study Club, Coldwell Banker Nybo & Assoc.

“Thank you again for your inspiring and practical talk at the retreat. Your talk was so encouraging and really gave me hope to think I can tackle my clutter!”  – C.H. Northfield, MN

I love teaching classes and sharing the tips, stories, & resources that I have gathered through this work.  And classes are a great way to develop a community that supports each other along the journey!  HEre are some classes that I can tailor to fit your group needs.

Declutter! From Start to Finish

Are you stuck under clutter and don’t know where to begin, how to keep going, or how to make the changes stick? This four week course will take you through each step of the decluttering process. You will feel motivated to dig in & create lasting changes as the weeks go by!

Week 1: Motivation & Inspiration to BEGIN
Week 2: Set Yourself Up for SUCCESS
Week 3: REDESIGN & Reoganize

Tackle Your Transition

Are you overwhelmed as you prepare to downsize, move, or help your aging parent get ready for a transition? Kate Buckmeier of Kate: Declutter & Redesign will walk you through the steps to prepare and enter the process with light and ease. We will cover goal setting, categorizing & sorting, and letting go of sentimental items.

Stuck Under Clutter?

  • create an intention for your space
  • rethink room arrangement and flow
  • determine what stays and what doesn’t belong
  • move the unwanted items out of your space/home

“I found your class very reassuring in that I know now that there are others not only with lots of clutter, but with all the baggage that comes with it. And I now can develop strategies to find a way out.”  – D.S. Lakeville, MN