Rhythm is the Key When Life Feels Crazy

These past few months, have brought lots of periods when I’ve felt out-of-balance.  The days coming at me, each one different.  Each one throwing me a little off-guard. 

A sick kid, unplanned events popping up, more illness, no school, meetings added at the last minute- everything coming all at once or everything coming to a halt because of illness.

I felt very reactive instead of proactive.  And resentful when things continued to throw me off-course, instead of patience & flexible.

I knew things were off but couldn’t figure out what I needed to shift to feel back-on-track.  Then I read a passage by Rob Bell & it resonated.  He was writing about rhythm

The word struck me.  That’s what I needed to focus on.  That’s what I longed for.  That’s what I was missing. 

Rhythm equals flow, pattern or tempo.  It’s like the underlying current that keeps the days moving along.  Rob Bell says living with rhythm “requires that you be intentional about what you are doing and when you are doing it.”

Rhythm & routine make life run more smoothly.  They ease the overwhelm & keep the day from passing by without notice.

I knew there had been times in my life when I had felt that flow, so I asked myself, “What is present in my life when I feel in rhythm?”

I realized that when I slow down my expectations of how much I can get done in a day and place a higher priority on listening to what my gut says that I need throughout the day, then I feel rhythm. 

It also dawned on my that I had been confusing rhythm and control- trying to “control” the situation or the schedule.  Control felt negative, gripping and rigid.  When I started to shift my mindset to the word rhythm, then putting in boundaries & some parameters around my time & activities felt like freedom.  It felt like I could create a gentle flow to my days with my best intentions in mind.

So I decided to make some changes & here’s what I found feels right for me-

Rhythm is starting the day with a time of quiet reflection & journaling and ending the day with gratitude.  Rhythm is listening to music as dinner is being prepared.  Rhythm is taking a break at 3:30 to read something enjoyable just because.  Rhythm is clearing the counter each night to end the day ready for the next & clearing it again after breakfast to start our day fresh.  Rhythm is making time to be outdoors each day.

Your Turn…

Have you found ways to add some rhythm or flow to your days?  Where are you longing for some clearing? 

Next Steps…

Clutter comes in all forms.  It can be the physical clutter clogging up our space.  Clutter can also be too many events on your calendar, cluttering up your time.  Or too many thoughts in your head keeping you always “on” or spinning in your thoughts. 

Notice where the clutter is collecting in your life & make one tweak that could create some clearing & find more flow. 

If you need guidance on creating a plan for attacking your clutter, hit reply & schedule a Clarity Session.  This one hour session offers clarity, perspective, and the specifics you need to move forward.