Quick Tidy Tip

Starting to feel overwhelmed by clutter?  Kids leaving things everywhere this summer?

Try this quick Tidy Tip-

  1. Find a basket.
  2. Pick a room or area and pull out all of the things that “don’t belong” or need to “find a new home” & put them in the basket.
  3. Deliver the items in the basket to the right places.  Enlist the help of your kids if the load has gotten too big!  And if something doesn’t have a home, take min. to find a place where it can live or leave it in the basket until you have tidied the space that feels just right.
  4. Too much to handle in one shot?  Set a time each day when you can chip away for 5-10 mins.  Jobs that feel overwhelming or the ones that you’d rather put off can feel easier when done in little chunks.