One-on-one organization

Let’s make the most of your space as we organize your things to make life efficient as well as beautiful. Together we find solutions that offer your items the space and attention they need. We can re-use or repurpose the storage options you already have or bring in new to create the look & feel that fits you & your space.

Independent organizing

Do you have a space that is ready for boundaries, definition, and just plain of organization, but don’t want to spend the time & energy it will take to get it there? I offer independent organizing for the projects that are less about decluttering & more about efficiency & function. Before the session we create clear expectations of the outcome you are looking for & I offer text or phone updates along the way. We can work with what you have or bring in new bins, baskets, or boxes. If labels & a uniformed look have always been a dream of yours, we can make it happen. Be prepared for a breath of fresh air to be delivered to your space.

“The reorganized pantry has really helped everyone find what they need–it’s efficient in the mornings making lunch, easy to find ingredients for dinner, and I can see what I need from the grocery store at a glance!”

“Kate was fun to work with, listened to my needs and helped find the needed bins to keep us organized.” -Julianne, Rochester, MN