Make Every Day Earth Day!

When you hear the words “professional organizer” does your brain immediately bring up images of shelves with matching, labeled plastic bins?  Everything in it’s place.  Everything clean, clear and, umm… plastic?

And when you think of decluttering, do you imagine dumpsters & big black garbage bags full of all the junk that is no longer needed?

I can understand why these images might appear.

It makes sense to use plastic to organize- it is often cheap, accessible, versatile & easy to clean. And decluttering does leave you with a whole bunch of stuff that has to be taken care of – and some of it is definitely trash!

But I am working to create a broader image of what decluttering & organizing looks & feels like, and it has to do with being more eco-conscious.

Here are some of the things that I am doing at Kate: Declutter & Redesign that support my mission to offer a more eco-friendly way to declutter & organize spaces.

Finding alternatives to plastics – Whenever possible, we are reusing items that are already found in your home or seeking out storage solutions that have a lighter impact on the Earth’s resources.

Engaging with Multiple Resources to Donate & Recycle – I am continuing to add to my list of resources that will take the items that you no longer want.

Recycling with Terracycle – There are lots of items that I have a hard time throwing away but are not recycled locally, so I am using Terracycle to fill that need. I recycle tooth care supplies, eye wear, office supplies, & art supplies in this way.

Bringing Intention & Purpose to Stuff – Decluttering involves conversations, clarity, & shifts in how we think about & use our stuff. During the process we uncover how much you need & want, which often leads to thoughtful purchasing in the future.

Continuing to Learn & Evolve – This year, I joined a small group of NAPO colleagues who are committed to eco-friendly practices. The monthly calls are offering insight into best practices & a network to share ideas & questions.

Kate: Declutter & Redesign’s service reflects my passion to be a more conscious consumer & a friendly recycler (I don’t know if that really is a term, but it sounds good to me!) It is an evolving journey (there are some plastic containers that are so handy that it is hard to shift away from them)… but this initiative will continue to be at the forefront of service!

And there is no judgment if this isn’t a high priority for you at this time. You can leave the decisions to me & benefit from the relief that your items are being passed along with genuine thoughtfulness!


Want to know more about my eco-organizing mission? Read this interview with Flourish.

If you feel stuck with too much clutter because you want to make sure it doesn’t end in the landfill, then consider my partnership & resources to get your project moving ahead?

Added bonus – for a small fee I lift the burden of donating & take your items with me after our session. Image how light you will feel when your extras are no longer clogging up your spaces!


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