Let’s aim for better


A month ago I listened to Fay Wolf, fellow organizer & the author of “New Order: A Decluttering Handbook for Creative Folks (and Everyone Else)”, speak on the power of imperfection in organizing.

She is a recovering perfectionist (I could relate) and the mantra that she shares with clients is “a little better is a little better.”

I like that.  I actually wish I had come up with that catchy little saying because I believe it’s true & I think more people need to hear that phrase.

When we declutter & organize, we are not striving for perfection.  If we were, we might never be satisfied.   The discontent surrounding the work would create a whole landslide of behaviors that land you right back to where you started.  That’s not what we want.  Let’s break that cycle.

When you reframe the goal & shoot for “better,” a weight lifts.  The outcome feels easier to get to & a whole lot easier to maintain.

There are so many places where we can search for amazing ideas on how to transform your space – magazines, design books, Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram are just a few of the many places you can find images that seem like perfection.  And these resources can offer some great inspiration.  But that is all that they need to be used for – inspiration to move to you to ACTION.

Inspiration to light a spark in you to create something that works better, something that makes your life run a little smoother, something that keeps you from working so hard to manage & maintain all of your “stuff.”

With this work, let’s shoot for “better” and see how much more we can accomplish.

Your Turn…

Does the idea of perfection keep you from starting a project that you have been wanting to tackle.  Are you worried you might not do it “right?”

Next step…

Each step in the process of clearing & organizing can move you forward if you let go of creating the perfect space & focus on a space that functions better for you & your lifestyle.

How would it feel to shift your thoughts around that system, space, or project that has been keeping you stuck & tell yourself you are striving to make it better?  Not perfect…  BETTER.