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IMG_6274 (1)Design Mom:  How to Live with Kids: A Room-by Room Guide by Gabrielle Stanley Blair

Sometimes I’m afraid that I should walk tenderly when sharing pictures, posts, and resources that offer spaces that look “too good,” since I feel such compassion for those of you who are stuck under clutter and in the overwhelmed stage.  I understand that you might be in a place where you can’t imagine how you could get your space to look like that & wouldn’t know where to start.

Yet, how do you start to know what could be, what you desire for your spaces unless you are exposed to possibilities?

Design Mom offers practical tips and inspiring photos that reveal ways to make your space function for you and your kids while maintaining beauty, showcasing the things that you most value, and incorporating design that doesn’t break the bank .

I am going to continue to share posts and images that at first glance might look “out of your league,” but remember it is not to have you compare your space, BUT to look at the image and take what you like.  Try to imagine some of the possibilities for your own space!

Feel what the image or article invokes in you and start to dream about your own space!

That is my mission in all that I do- support your journey to make the spaces that you occupy serve your greatest desires!  So let yourself be inspired!

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image source

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image source Design Mom by Gabrielle Stanley Blair pg. 24 photo by Anne Naphtal

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image source

If you would like to receive ideas & inspiration specific to your space or a plan of attack to get you headed toward your “ideal” space, then be in touch &  together we can make great things happen!