Is there a “right” way?

I have had so many people ask me if I have read the latest decluttering book “The Magic Art of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo.  The answer is-Yes!  It is an interesting read that gives some great examples of how to shift the way that you look at your stuff.  It seems that anyone who would like to see some movement in their home has picked up a copy & I love that it has sparked conversation and new ideas.  What I also want to keep in mind is that this is just one perspective.  There are many ways to begin to shift the way you feel in your home & if this method sounds too overwhelming or too hard-core, then don’t beat yourself up.  You can find a way to greater peace in your home.  

I found this post from another space clearing expert, Stephanie Bennett Vogt, who has tried the KonMari method.  She put it to the test and found that there were ways to implement pieces of Kondo’s method while still staying true to her beliefs about space and stuff.  She offers an alternative to feeling that you there is no middle ground to tidying.  And I especially like that she highlights a need to focus on how we “relate” to the stuff and perfection is not the goal.  She says, “aim for progress not perfection.”  These are words that I can get behind!

I haven’t read any of Stephanie’s books, but I am going to look into them and I will report back.  We are all unique in our patterns & needs, so I don’t believe in there being one magic bullet to creating a clutter-free house.  Movement, consciousness, lightness, and compassion are part of what I believe belong in any declutter/redesign project.  I hope you keep those in mind as you begin the process!